Welfare of the students in the college is considered crucial to the well being of the entire KSMST community. There is an office of the Director of Students Welfare Services. The Director of Students works in conjunction with the Dean of Students in all matters affecting students’ life and welfare. Students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible in order to make their non- academic life fully worthwhile.

In conjunction with relevant organs of the college, the office of Director of Students Welfare Services also co-ordinates activities that affect students’ health, accommodation and catering, sports, career and placement services including activities of student clubs/societies/associations.


The club is equipped with the training which helps in the students to perform volunteering services to the surrounding community as well as the school

Student and Counseling

The College has a full-fledged Counseling Units which caters for all students who may require counseling. Three trained counselors support the services of the Unit.

Games and Sports.

KSMST has some of the best field game facilities in the Town. The climate allows for evergreen playing fields events. Students are encouraged to participate in the games.

Drama & Arts

The club involves both the students and the staffs in various activities such as modeling, cultural events, singing competition, writing and the art of drawing.